Behind The Scenes But Still Being Yourself.

Published April 16, 2012 by IfeomaO

 This has just become one of my best movies and I would not do it justice if I just make reference to it for todays post without it’s image🙂. In this modern remake of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ this tale takes place at Buckeston Academy High School where the wealthy, arrogant, narcissist and bigot- Kyle Kingson (Alex Pettyfer) who “calls things as he sees them, though he sees them wrong”- as Lindy Taylor (Vanessa Hudgens) says. Lindy is a girl in Kyle’s school who struggling to make her life meaningful because of a lot of demanding obstacles which constantly try to dissuade he from living her life for herself. Anyway, Lindy is one of the students at the Academy who are invisible and try to remain invisible. This is evident after Kyle’s speech for the Presidential Election being held in the Academy. Lindy who was voted Treasurer says to Kyle while extending her hand towards him for a congratulatory handshake, “It’s nice to finally meet you after 3 years”. This shows the clear difference between people like Kyle and Lindy. The ‘Seen’ and ‘Unseen’. Kyle’s girlfriend Sloan (Dakota Johnson) is an example of people who are so caught up in being popular and known that they forget how to be themselves. She confesses to Trey (Erik Knudson) at a party “I’m such an ass for not writing him back……it’s a relief he’s gone though….I felt like I constantly had to be on and mean to entertain him”. That there shows me that although Lindy was a quiet character she was not a weak one. She didn’t let the people she chose to hang out with colour her character. She felt how she wanted and acted according to what she felt or thought. Even when Kyle tried tyo seduce her with expensive gifts, she knew she was not that kind of girl and rejected the gifts altogether. She was not important in the school, wasn’t a member of the ‘in-crowd’, she was invisible and a behind the scenes character but Lindy Taylor was still herself. You can be anything you want. You can be mean, you can be dirty, you can be invisible, you can be a party freak, you can even be the class clown…:) just as long as you are being yourself and not doing it to impress anyone. Do what you do because it makes you happy and comfortable.

Every man for himself. The person you may be trying to impress may not be interested in the things you think will impress them. Lindy was pretty and Kyle though getting her expensive accessories to match her expensive heart would make her his but he was dead wrong. All she wanted was to get to know him. Just him, not his money, not his expensive lakeside house, just his heart. Keep that in mind😉

TNT——————->(Till Next Time) xoxo.

2 comments on “Behind The Scenes But Still Being Yourself.

  • Hey there Ify! This post of yours is really captivating, but to me, it brings back a lot of happily repressed nostalgic memories instead of it guiding me. I use repressed because one has to move on and not let things of the past over-affect your present or future.
    I must say that sometimes, one may need to move on with what is and leave being themselves aside for a while.
    One direction to everything is quite risky.🙂

    Still, I commend you. You really motivate me to pursue my writing skills.😉. Keep it up.

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