Gone Forever.©

Published May 27, 2012 by IfeomaO

As the wind blows

Your stride slows

You look me in the eyes

You never asked for a girl nobody could see

You never thought you would fall for a girl who believed in staying invisible

I knew what was coming.

It had been coming for a very long time

I had only wanted for you to take the initiative to initiate the inevitable .

I have missed you very much

I may not have convinced you but my heart is very much persuaded

I have tried to be strong

But it’s been quite long

That strong & unbreachable security system that took me years to put up

You broke in, stole & left.

I want to cry

Looking at your face, I dare not try.

I can’t stop shivering

My lips continue uncontrollably quivering

I may be happy you’re back

But I know you are no where near the same emotions as I.

You smile just once

It is strained, a bittersweet smile

I now realise that you were never coming back

You chose not to remain my friend, no looking back.

You did not come to ask me if we could get back together.

No. You came to make it clear that you would be out of my life & gone forever.

Poems by Ifeoma Ofuani.

June 2010.

(In a state of heart-break but purely fictional).

– Being Invisible, [Poetry].

– Camgal

2 comments on “Gone Forever.©

  • Going through this piece, my only thoughts are those of an amazed person.I’m simply wondering, did you go through an event similar to this, if not and you imagined those lines then you certainly deserve awards for this piece, but if you did go through an event similar to this piece then you were certainly, if not still totally into the guy, because I could feel the fact that you used certain words to depict an existing fear of living without him.

    • Wow. Thank you. Well, at the time I wrote the poem it was simply imagined but a year later a similar event occurred & that made the poem kind of prophetic. Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked it & were amazed by it :)- Camgal

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